Robotic Toning Tables

Robotic Toning Tables


Robotic Toning Tables 

Our toning tables help you tone your muscles, improve flexibility and increase circulation. There are seven tables in the Robotic work out. Each table is designed to isolate a specific muscle group giving you a head-to-toe workout!  

When combined with healthy eating and adequate water intake, you will shed both inches and pounds from your body. This is a great and easy way to gain strength, increase mobility and achieve your fitness goals!

This is very effective, low impact exercise for those who dislike the going to the gym.

What does toning table do?

Mykah using the Flexor


What are the Benefits of Toning?

Alleviates Stress On Joints and Muscles

One of the most evident benefits of toning table use is that there isn’t any straining of muscles and joints that typically accompanies more strenuous work outs.

Fixes Muscles

The toning tables stretch tight muscles while engaging them in a low impact form of exercise. The body is essentially re-situating itself.

Enhances Circulation

Increased circulation will allow the purification of toxins and distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Enhances Posture

Another awesome advantage of the toning tables is that it really can re-build body stance. As your body is stretched, your spine can be realigned.


The benefits of toning

Neta and Fay toning